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EDI For the Trucking Industry

Today many companies are requiring their trading partners in the trucking business to join them on another highway -- the "Information Superhighway". But when the question is asked: "What system should I use?", many times no answer is available. There are some 'generic' products that attempt to marry the benefits of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with a user interface that tries to fit the needs of the trucking industry. But because it wasn't built for your business, there are always things about it that seem awkward or inefficient in its use. However, for you today, there is an answer -- TransportGOLD®.

TransportGOLD® is an EDI software system built exclusively for the Trucking Industry. It becomes the carrier's EDI link to all of its trading partners providing accurate, secure, and almost instantaneous exchanges. That makes you a valuable partner with many of the largest companies in the United States.

Here's "why" EDI with TransportGOLD is a good idea:

  • TransportGOLD® is very reasonably priced software made for your business.
  • TransportGOLD® is a Windows based PC system that will run on All versions of Windows. It will not become obsolete within months of purchase.
  • TransportGOLD® was developed exclusively for Carriers. If you provide trucking services now, the terminology, data, and workflow will likely seem as natural as your current process. The big differences: you'll have less paper to push, errors to track down, and shippers bugging you to become EDI-capable!
  • TransportGOLD® provides the EDI documents required for Carriers to communicate with their Shippers including Tendered Orders (204), Response (990), Stop Status (214), and others.
  • TransportGOLD® is an integrated system containing communications and EDI translation platforms proven over years of use in a variety of environments.
  • TransportGOLD® provides an upgrade path as the industry changes. Support is available as is customization for integration of TransportGOLD® data into other systems you may already have in place.
  • TransportGOLD® provides a standard 'handshake' with trading partners opening a secure and dependable method for exchange of information and allowing technology to work for you and your trading partners.
  • TransportGOLD® uses terminology standard in your industry, eliminating much paper-shuffling required previously.
  • TransportGOLD® precludes automatic surrender of advantage to competitors!