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Passport®/Linux has been released

DSR is proud to announce the first generation of it's Linux based EDI translation engines.

Passport®/Linux will run on any Linux server with the 'glibc-2.1' or higher libraries installed, and allows for translation of EDI->Flatfile and back. Utilizing the inherent power of the Linux operating system, Passport®/Linux out performs many of our competitors Windows based translators measurably.

We have listened to our customers requests and kept our Windows based mapper engine as part of this product. This easy graphical mapping tool, that hundreds of our customers are already familiar with, keeps Passport®/Linux one step above many other *nix based translation solutions.

Currently no specialized communications modules are included. Linux itself has many inherrent communication tools available in a standard install. Again, using the raw power of the operating system will allow our customers a much broader choice of methods to interact with their trading partners.

"Passport®/Linux is a perfect tool for our customers who prefer the raw power of the Linux operating system for translation. The ability to handle EDI mapping on a Windows platform in a graphical tool makes things much easier to manage. The perfect blend of power and manageability." —— John H. Bond, CEO.